Thursday, 21 April 2011


What I define as Post-Britpop is music from the years 1997-2000. After Oasis released the massively hyped 'Be Here Now', the bubble had got as big as it possibly could and burst with the realisation that the album that was meant to be Britpop's ultimate crowning glory turned out to be its anticlimax. So from late 1997 the hope was that one of the smaller British groups were about to do what Oasis should've done and released an era-defining record. Some hoped that things would get better again once Oasis released a better record (which we thought they would do soon) but the hype and the buzz around new music didn't seem as vibrant as it had done in the previous couple of years. So the main golden age of Britpop was over and the darker, more solemn Post-Britpop age was here.

Some of the bands from the mid 90's were coming back with more brooding, bleak sounds (Pulp for instance), while some were getting a tiny bit heavier and moving towards rock (The Bluetones, although they were to soon resort back to run of the mill indie). Some tried flirting with more cutting edge electronic production (Suede), some couldn't do much  to disprove theories that they were nothing more than just 60's copyists (Ocean Colour Scene), while elsewhere there were plenty of promising new bands like Astrid, Ultrasound, Coldplay, Astronaut, Gay Dad and many others who (mostly) disappeared after a few years.

Post-Britpop effectively ended in 2000 after most of the promising new bands failed commercially and Oasis returned with a fourth album worse than the third one, leaving everyone with the feeling that things had to be freshened up slightly and that a new era was underway.

Definitive Post-Britpop albums

The Boo Radleys - Kingsize
Gene - Revelations
Pulp - This Is Hardcore
Blur - 13
Suede- Head Music
Gay Dad - Leisure Noise
Ash - Nu Clear Sounds
Cast - Magic Hour
The Bluetones - Return To The Last Chance Saloon
Shed Seven - Let It Ride
Ocean Colour Scene - One From The Modern

Soon I will be looking more in depth at some of the bands of that era who came and went, until then some of them may pop up on my daily 'Song For Today'...........

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