Sunday, 6 March 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: The Kinks - Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

So at the beginning of re-building my music collection I had a few CDs remaining from the huge array of music I bought in the mid 90s to the mid 2000s. One of the remaining albums was a best of collection by The Kinks, and while this music sounds great on any format i felt that the compact disc didn't bring out the qualities as well as the vinyl recordings. So i added Kinks vinyl to my 'wish list' but it proved hard to find at a reasonable price, due to the lack of record shops round this region. But a few months ago in a Melksham charity shop I found a rather good Kinks best of on double LP which satisfied despite the fact it was missing a few of my favorite Kinks tracks that you'd expect to find on any compilation. So I was delighted a couple of weeks ago when I found a more complete Kinks best of double album and a 2 disc live album from 1980 both on vinyl from the same charity shop.....

Now I am chuffed.

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