Wednesday, 30 March 2011

REVIEW: Veto - Everything Is Amplified

I first heard this album almost a month ago, now it's time to do a short review. I'd never heard any of Veto's work before this album, but for fans of Foals and various other electronica groups, you may like this record. 

Opener 'You're Hard To Get' sounds a bit like The Cure produced by Trent Reznor but with all guitars replaced by acid house-esque synth sounds. This Cure influence is also evident in 'Am I Awake Or Should I Wake Up', which also sounds a bit like the Klaxons, as do quite a few of these tracks. Across the record you'll encounter songs peppered with polyrhythms, odd time signatures and sudden tempo changes, but takes quite a few listens to really appreciate. Indeed I feel the true nature of these songs haven't quite grown on me yet, and some of the tracks tend to be a bit TOO similar in tone overall, but I am impressed by many of the pulsing electronic arrangements and industrial beats which are joined nicely by Troels Abrahamsen's melancholic vocals. An undoubted highlight is 'Slowres', a perfect night time soundtrack of chilled but slightly uneasy dreaminess, and the awesome percussion and bass play in 'If Else' is brilliant.

Unfortunately this album is too one-dimensional and often songs tend to be direction-less. However, make sure if you hear this record you do NOT judge it from the first listen, as it definitely takes some time to live with. but even after some time with these songs, i can still only really give this a


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