Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gigs: Frenzy - Bradford-On-Avon, Wiltshire, March 12 2011 PLUS VIDEOS

Since starting my full time day (and night) job back in May last year, and also after finding time to listen to loads of new music, spare time has been scarce. Which is why FRENZY's gig in Bradford-On-Avon in Wiltshire last night was only the 6th gig I've been to see in the last eight months, and the first time I've managed to catch Frenzy live since July last year.

The guys had just come back from a long road trip back from the Bedlam Breakout in Northampton, which they headlined the night previous and followed with apparently very little sleep or time for recovery. So the fact that these guys still ripped through the songs with all their usual energy was rather impressive. The venue was a small one, and the crowd was the usual size for a Wiltshire audience, rather than the masses they play to abroad. It only took two or three songs before people got lively and the band stepped into gear, delivering their mid-80's classics with speed and precision.

Steve Eaton's guitar work was utterly exceptional all throughout the night, and at one point during their (far superior) version of 'Love Is The Drug' it sounded like there were at least two guitarists on stage, while bass king Steve Whitehouse was on his usual brilliant form and from Adam Seviour's drumming, you wouldn't think they'd just spent long days travelling. Tracks from the recent 'In The Blood' album went down just as well as the old classics did, with 'Hero' in particular sounding immense, and the band blasting through 'Johnny Rocket' like their lives depended on it. If anyone reading this blog hasn't witnessed the Frenzy experience, then keep an eye out for gigs near you, because trust me it's ALWAYS worth it.....

See exclusive footage of 'Johnny Rocket' and 'Hero' from the show.....

Click below to watch in full screen (second video plays automatically)

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