Saturday, 5 March 2011

Album Review: Mirrors - 'Lights And Offerings' plus videos

So in age where guitar music is supposedly out of vogue, many bands have turned to playing the electro card... at times groups resurrect that 80's sound and compliment it very well with fresh new sounds, or combining it with more traditional alternative rock influences as in the case of White Lies. But unlike White Lies, you won't be hearing any huge bursts of guitar from Mirrors, what they specialise in is smart emotional electro pop.

Opening track 'Fear Of Drowning' demonstrates their knack for sleek Ultravox-esque vibes, while 'Look At Me' brings to mind New Order, and on 'Into The Heart' they deliver an epic electro ballad. It's heartfelt moments like this that help give the album a much more human warmth than is usually associated with synth music. 'Write Through the Night' is a definite standout track, an OMD-like anthem, pouring with emotion and helped along by the most simple but effective synth hooks. 'Ways To An End' sounds like the comeback single the Human League should've made, while the little melody in its middle eight bears more of a resemblance to Kraftwerk.

'Hide & Seek' reminds me of Robert Smith singing with Depeche Mode, in another one of the album's best tracks, and 'Somewhere Strange' sounds like it could've been released on one of those classic Factory Records 12" singles. 'Searching In The Wilderness' is another highlight, with the driving rhythms of Kraftwerk, the emotion of Ultravox and the instant catchiness of Depeche Mode. Possibly the finest example of their craft is the superb closing track 'Secrets', where they take their stylistic strengths and take it to great heights, and at over 10 minutes a great length. But the epic deserves every one of those minutes, as it breaks down into a bed of dreamy synth ambience, before the rhythms reappears and brings the record to a satisfying close. And if they can come up with more moments like this, we could see some truly great albums from Mirrors in the future.


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