Sunday, 27 February 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: I Am Kloot - 'Northern Skies'

From last year's excellent 'Sky At Night', here is an absolutely timeless song from Manchestrer trio I Am Kloot. I remember having this on my mp3 player while on holiday last summer... Newquay 2010 was my first holiday as an adult, my first since i was 13 AND better still I was spending it in the UK's nicest holiday destination, the place where me and my family used to spend our summers years ago. So on the last night of my holiday took myself and this song to a grassy clifftop overlooking Porth Beach at midnight, and watched the moon reflect on the calming sea. And the lyric "take the coast road back through my life" made for an even more perfect marriage of music and atmosphere.

And while that ideal scene may always be my personal visualisation of this track, here's the actual video fir it which I haven't seen before, starring former Dr Who, Christopher Eccleston. If you like this i URGE you to buy the album, it's a cracker....

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