Monday, 21 February 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: The Fall - 'Big New Prinz'

Twenty eight studio albums, lots of singles and EPs and countless compilations... The Fall's Mark E Smith is a prolific genius, and that's to say the least. Here from 1988's 'I Am Kurious Oranj' is 'Big New Prinz'... A classic. I bought that particular album after Lee And Herring included a character called The Curious Orange in their silly Sunday morning TV show 'This Morning With Richard Not Judy'. But I first heard The Fall when I bought the 'Touch Sensitive' single in the late 90's, becoming a fan when hearing a live version of 'Psycho Mafia' on the John Peel show in 2000.

And here's a live version of 'Big New Prinz' from 'The Other Side Of Midnight', a late 80's TV show presented by Tony Wilson.

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