Tuesday, 1 February 2011

REVIEW: White Lies - 'Ritual'

'Ritual' is the second album from White Lies, and if you're after some sleek electro-fuelled indie rock then this is definitely one for you. Even on the first play, the first half of this album grabs you with tracks like 'Is Love', the powerful 'Strangers' and the blissful 'Peace And Quiet', both potential singles. 'Bigger Than Us' and 'Streetlight' boast some mouth wateringly perfect synth sounds as well as great tunes to back them up. But as well as the pleasing synths, the guitars are sounding brilliant too. After the awesome 'Holy Ghost' (possibly my favorite White Lies track) the remaining four tracsk do slow the album down a bit and admittedly do take a lot more plays to grow than the first part of the album, but after a few listens they reveal themselves to also be great songs, especially 'The Power And The Glory' which reminds me of LCD Soundsystem, Bowie, Gary Numan, Joy Division and (weirdly) Kate Bush's 'Running up The Hill' thrown into a blender.

A strong album definitely worth checking out.


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