Wednesday, 5 January 2011

So goodbye to 2010....

Like 1998, 2010 wasn't a year that brought that many classic albums, but it bought plenty of incredible songs. But when you read the top 100 'best selling' singles and albums lists for 2010 it makes for very depressing reading. One look at these charts and you'd think we'd had the worst year ever for music. The best selling albums rundown features an Oasis best of, a Gorillaz album with about 5 good tracks on and about 3 or 4 decent albums that are all pre-2009. And the rest? A steaming pile of shite. Worse still is the singles chart which to my knowledge doesn't even contain ONE decent song, in fact the 'songs' that make up this chart are so poor that to refer to any of it as "music" is an insult to every hard working band and artist out there that has to constantly fight for exposure in a mainstream that has been numbed by poor quality manufactured pop.

The facts are 2010 brought some incredible music. Most of it didn't get anywhere near the radio let alone the charts, because of the media's obsession with the talentless.

So now to 2011..........

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