Friday, 19 March 2010

REVIEW: Streetlight Manifesto - '99 Songs of a Revolution Vol 1'

An album of sometimes eclectic covers from ska-punk outfit Streetlight Manifesto. The band's previous albums always featured a couple of amazing tracks but tended to drift off into monotony, and this covers album is no different. Their main problem is a reckless overuse of the brass section, which would be great as an occasional accompaniment to their sound, but is it really necessary when trying to recreate the guitar solo from Radiohead's 'Just' (this track alone lets this album down), or when plastered all over every single track without much imagination applied? However the record has its good points: opener 'Birds Flying Away' is impressive, 'Hell' and 'They Provide The Paint' is where the band's sound truly has an impact, and NOFX's 'Linoleum' is transformed into the sort of lazy day ska that Sublime would've been proud of. 5 or 6 great tracks out of 11... probably would've been better and far more effective as an EP..... 5.9/10

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